I had started out selling real estate like most agents. Learn how to be “salesman”. Learn how to be a “closer”. Until I met a very special customer. Around 23 years ago I was helping single mother with her real estate needs. She had been sharing the rent with another single mom and her kids on a small rental house. The other mom was moving out of town and the one that had contacted me asked me to see if there was anyplace that she could rent affordably. There wasn’t anyplace that would rent to her cheaply enough for what she could afford. So my wife and I, along with our two children, made room for her in our 4 bedroom house so she could make due. My wife, a stay at home mom could watch her two boys; the cost of daycare alone was daunting. We paid for all of her groceries that way she could put all of her income towards paying of all of her credit cards that her ex had dumped on her. She did great, she got completely out of debt, paid of her car, saved up money for 1st, last & security. All in less than 1 year! And the rest is history! 
What I realized then and I still make it my focus today is how important the house payment is to anyone’s budget. The ability save for the future, vacations, retirement, college and travel rests a lot how not having a big house payment. So I did the only thing that seemed right for me to do. I went to the most well known and best financial coaching company and became a certified master financial coach. Now I am a Ramsey Solutions Preferred Coach. As for as I know I am the only one out of all of the 35,000 agents here in Broward County. Many people have told me it makes uniquely qualified to help them during the home buying process. 
Now I’m not ever selling I am coming from a place of contribution and helping people keep their payments low, it’s important to their life. Low house payments made it so I could get completely debt free including no house payments.
Now I am “The Financial Realtor” I have helped over a 1,000 clients keep their housing payments as low as possible so it’s an integral part of their long-term financial wellness strategy.  I make sure we look at your home through the lens of long-term financial wellness. I provide you with sure-footed guidance to protect your future. So that you go farther and faster down the road to financial independence. I also have helped over 1,000 people to do budgeting at a high level so they could pay-off $8,000,000 in credit card debt and save over $9,000,000 in savings.
Since I was a financial coach I came to love numbers and I became a “numbers” guy. My in-depth knowledge of the market statistics and market numbers allows me to give my customers an advantage. My 33 years in real estate has had me see many ups and downs in the market. So I have a unique perspective to know what those numbers mean today in this slice of time. All these things give me a unique ability to help people get farther and faster down the path to financial independence.