While the probate can be long and complicated, it is not uncommon for it take around 90 to 120 days. This can happen if there is a will and it is not contested. ( I am not an attorney, do not consider this as legal advice, I am a Certified Probate Expert Realtor. For legal advice please consult an attorney) So there definitely can be some projects that can get completed before the probate has been completed.

  1. Initial consultation regarding the probate, whether there is real estate or not. I am Dave Ramsey Trained Master Financial Coach, so planning for the inheritance or planning for the sale of real estate is an important step. Property valuation, and making a time table is important as well.
  2. Taking inventory. This is where the family goes through the personal items to decide what to keep, to decide who the items go to.
  3. Getting organized, to decide to donate, to do an estate sale, to simply remove items from the home, etc.
  4. Cleanup, spruce up, staging, etc. prepare the home for sale
  5. Selling the property, if there is real estate, the listing of the property for sale, and the actual sale of the property can happen prior to the probate being completed. The proceeds can not be disbursed, however the sale could happen.

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