Probated wills can be quite emotional in nature. ( I am not an attorney, this is not legal advice, I am a Certified Probate Expert Realtor, please consult an attorney for legal advice) We understand how you feel. Many of our clients have felt overwhelmed by the 1,000 things that have been dropped in their laps with being the personal representative in a probate process. What they have found is that is important to have a trusted, experienced and certified 3rd party to navigate the convoluted journey.

While probate sales can be quite involved and time consuming there is a 5 step plan that we try and move through.

We probably will take many side steps, detours and pauses along the way however this is the basic plan.

  1. Initial Consultation – look at home, CMA, come up with a plan
  2. Taking Inventory – personal property gets divided, what to keep what to get rid of
  3. Getting Organized – what’s leftover, estate sale – garage sale – donation – haul away
  4. Prep the home for sale – Staging, etc
  5. Selling the property

Probated wills and probate sales of real estate are in fact specialized in nature. Whatever you do, NEVER us anyone other than a Certified Probate Expert to navigate the process. You should always be looking for an agent that is certified and has least 10 years experience working through the closing processes in real estate transactions.

Tomas Fonseca author, Certified Probate Agent, Dave Ramsey Trained Financial Coach, Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Best Selling Author, Realtor of 31 years.